The Challenge Coin Arrives

We are very excited to share with everyone our Challenge Coin!

What are Challenge Coins?

In the United States, they have close ties to the Armed Forces as tokens of accomplishment within a battalion or branches of the Military. They were given to members who have distinguished themselves to be of a particular character or similar quality to the group.

Why did we make one?

The proof version of the Challenge Coin

The proof version of the Challenge Coin

Even though this project started with an idea, it takes the collaboration of many people to make this all possible. It takes two people to have a conversation, and we believe that anyone willing to share their time to get articulate their curiosity and experiences are more than welcome in this unique tribe of people that have gathered around this idea. We wanted to make something more tangible and have a deeper meaning than over a t-shirt to the people that offer their most valuable resource in the process of interacting with us. Time. The coin represents a token that becomes a talking point we can initiate a conversation at the core that is formulating new and novel ways to orient yourself in this world and connecting with others.

The real deal!

The real deal!

What the coin stands for?

Our coin has the logo on one side and on the back is guiding philosophy that has emerged through conversation.




This philosophy has become the cornerstone of the podcast. The podcast explores the precarity of human experience and challenges everyone to Think, Question, Synthesize new ideas in the way only your unique combination of interest or dare I say curiosity would allow!

Who gets one?

For right now, only all previous and future guests will receive, but if this resonates with you the listeners then we can make them more broadly available! So let me know somewhere on the website, on socials or leave a voice message (link) on Anchor and I'll get to work.

As always thanks for joining me on this journey and allowing me to make something meaningful and tangle.

While I have your attention:

If the philosophy that grounds this podcast piques your interest, I highly recommend you check out our episode with Nicole Davis. Nicole is a two time former Olympian and now works for a mindset company called Compete to Create they work with individuals and teams to build the psychological tools of the elite performer in the arena of your choosing!

Listen here!

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