#3 - Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy is a weekly round-up of web links we find to be worth your time. These posts will act as the foundation of mental meandering across all domains!

Podcast to Devour

Nolan Bushnell, Creator of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese on Finding Mastery

"I try very hard to not live life in the rear view mirror. I look at that as something nice, but what's much more interesting to me is what I'm working on now." - Nolan Bushnell

For Erich, this podcast is a treat. Listening to a creator that has helped shape a genre that captured his attention growing up is fascinating. As an inventor and innovator Nolan is exceptionally insightful. He provides us with a lens that shows new discoveries waiting just around the corner. Anyone who is a would-be technologist or entrepreneur would find this podcast incredibly valuable. 

A Bet Erich Believed In

The Bet (and Resources)

"Reestablishing wolves in western Colorado could connect the entire North American wolf population from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan through Canada and Alaska, down the Rocky Mountains into Mexico. It would be difficult to overestimate the biological and conservation value of this achievement. "

– Dr. L. D. Mech, Biologist

Last week on The Tim Ferriss Show, Tim made a surprise announcement mid-episode after asking his guest Mike Philips what is needed to make an impact for the Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund . The number is $600,000. In response, Tim said that if his audience can raise $100,000 in a week from the podcast going live, then he would match that amount. This is a powerful move in reestablishing a wolf population in western Colorado impacting generations to come. Think of it as taming the west in reverse: sometimes we need to keep the wild the way it is.

Worth Watching 

Century of Self Documentary

This documentary is eye-opening as it shows how the world evolved with our modern lifestyles. It follows the story of Edward Bernays. Bernays brought the work of his uncle Sigmund Freud to the United States to influence the business world. Cited with marketing towards specific audiences such as utilizing "Freedom Torches" to sell cigarettes to women who wanted to show their independence.

Worth Reading

In Praise of Slowness

In a world obsessed with speed and getting things done, taking a moment to slow down seems impossible. If the idea of slowing down seems complicated, then making an effort to bring the foot off the pedal may be helpful. For us, taking the time to slow down and not optimizing every aspect of our lives has had a massive impact on the quality of life.

This week is a wrap and plenty to chew over this week! Feel free to let us know any thoughts and suggestions that may contribute to these posts. It may pop-up on Feeding Frenzy or develop into a full-fledged post its own.

Stay Curious, and have a great week!

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