#5 - Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy is a weekly round-up of reading, listening, or watching that is worth your time. These posts will act as the foundation of mental meandering across all domains!

Worth Listening

Jocko Willink on The Portal with Eric Weinstein

The Portal is a relatively new podcast hosted by Eric Weinstein. Eric is a mathematician that works for Thiel Capital. Outside of this, Eric is a polymath, and his podcast is an example of how broad of a thinker that he is. On this episode of The Portal, Eric has a conversation with Jocko Willink . Jocko is a retired Navy Seal turned podcaster over the last few years. If you're plugged into the podcasting ecosystem, you've come across Jocko at least once. Episodes like this are what make podcasts such a unique medium. We can have thinkers and doers of our time synthesizing their experiences and ideas together, unlike any time in history. Jocko can speak candidly about his experiences in combat and has a clear view of what it means to serve. He is also the author of books such as Extreme Ownership, Dichotomy of Leadership, and the children's books Way of the Warrior Kid.

Worth Reading

Johns Hopkins Opens New Center for Psychedelic Research

"This is an exciting initiative that brings new focus to efforts to learn about mind, brain and psychiatric disorders by studying the effects of psychedelic drugs," - Dr. John Krystal, chair of psychiatry at Yale University

There's been a lot to report on within the psychedelic research space; Johns Hopkins is opening the largest research center for psychedelics in the US. This is another significant step in the right direction to keep the momentum going on showing the benefits of these treatments. We are sharing this information in hopes to fan the fire to allow our society to add these tools safely and respectfully to help mental health, addiction, and trauma. We hope to interview the researchers, therapists, and even patients who interact with these treatments to give a nuanced view of this space. If anyone is interested or has contacts, please feel free to share.

Worth Watching

BJ Miller: What Really Matters at the End of Life | TED Talk

"So, since dying is a necessary part of life, what might we create with this fact? By "play" I am in no way suggesting we take a light approach to dying or that we mandate any particular way of dying. There are mountains of sorrow that cannot move, and one way or another, we will all kneel there. Rather, I am asking that we make space -- physical, psychic room, to allow life to play itself all the way out -- so that rather than just getting out of the way, aging and dying can become a process of crescendo through to the end. We can't solve for death. I know some of you are working on this." - BJ Miller

TED talks are a great way to get inspiration or jump start a new way of thinking. The speaker on this talk is BJ Miller, who is a hospice and palliative care specialist who treats hospitalized patient with terminal or life-altering illness. We were first exposed to Dr. Miller's ideas and experiences on The Tim Ferriss Show.  The first thing you'll notice about Dr. Miller is that he is a triple amputee and goes into much more detail on the story of his accident in the podcast. Dr. Miller practices what he preaches and tries to implement a new model while working at the Zen Hospice. This week the idea of empathy and the meaning of life had come up for us. When we stop to realize that we will have a limited amount of time can be a jarring one. But on the opposite end, it makes the moments we do have that much more powerful. By leaning into the experience and what life throws at us, we can get more from life. 


This week on the podcast we had a discussion around how cultures grow. Growth in cultures expands into a discussion on how we grow as individuals. We must test ourselves with others that don't think like us. That's why empathy is such an essential skill it allows for intellectual humility to revise your viewpoint. What are your thoughts on this? Check out the video below!

This week is a wrap and plenty to chew over for this week! Feel free to let us know any thoughts and suggestions that may contribute to these posts. It may pop-up on Feeding Frenzy or develop into a full-fledged post of its own.

Stay Curious, and have a great week!

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