#6 - Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy is a weekly round-up of reading, listening, or watching that is worth your time. These posts will act as the foundation of mental meandering across all domains!

Worth Listening

John Crowley on The Tim Ferriss Show

John F. Crowley is an American biotechnology executive and entrepreneur and the chairman and CEO of Amicus Therapeutics. John is accomplished in the professional realm, and he is also a shining example of what a parent will do for their kids. Two of John's kids were diagnosed with a severe neuromuscular disorder glycogen storage disease type II, also called Pompe disease. Much of this podcast goes into the trials and search for a cure for this disease. As one of the first, podcasts Erich ever listened to the story hit home for him. Once again, a story of hope and perseverance. A story about being the change, you want to see in the world. 

Worth Reading

A Famous Argument Against Free Will Has Been Debunked by Bahar Ghoulipour

"The Bereitschaftspotential was never meant to get entangled in free-will debates. If anything, it was pursued to show that the brain has a will of sorts. The two German scientists who discovered it, a young neurologist named Hans Helmut Kornhuber and his doctoral student Lüder Deecke, had grown frustrated with their era's scientific approach to the brain as a passive machine that merely produces thoughts and actions in response to the outside world."

The Bereitschaftspotential translates to a readiness potential or a measured flurry of neural activity before an action is made. While when initially gave rise to that the brain makes the decision of movement before we are conscious of it. When the Bereitschaftspotential is looked at from a thousand-foot view, we can hardly make any sense of the neural activity. The random fluctuations, when reversed average look like they coincide. When in reality, we don't know what is pattern or reasoning that happened. The model can be found in many other domains from stock market trends to weather patterns. The idea of free will always be up to debate and asking that question is part of what makes humanity so unique. 

This article was sent to us by Todd Myrick, who is a deep thinker and one of the people we bounce ideas of off. Thanks to him for sharing this with us and be sure to check out our conversation with him! 

Worth Watching

Ernie Ball - Pursuit of Tone: Tom Delonge

"Be able to do something that is an evolution of where I see art going. Which the same computer that allows you to write a record in your living room. You can use that same laptop to write a movie, or write a book or make a comic book, or a million other things. And I just feel that technology is going to make an artist in the future not just make a record and a band. Or not just be a director, or not just be an author. You're probably going to be a lot of those things in one." - Tom Delonge from Pursuit of Tone

On this week's podcast, Erich and Ben talked about Tom Delonge. For both of them, music is critical and growing Blink-182, and Angels & Airwaves were cornerstones of their music. For Erich, in particular, Angels & Airwaves has always resonated deeply from a lyric and storytelling perspective. This documentary that was released in 2016 is an interview-style that explains Tom's creative process at different times of his life; from the beginning of Blink-182 to what his company To The Stars represents.

Erich is going to be seeing Angels & Airwaves at The House of Blues in Chicago this weekend. We’ll be talking about the experience in an upcoming episode of the podcast without a doubt! 

Also, check out: 

A past guest on the podcast, Diana Fornaris, asked Erich to write about mental health for her website Inside Fighter. Erich shares a story about negative thought patterns he’s have had. He shares useful tips to give yourself pattern interrupts and healthy habits like working out and mindfulness. Read the post here!

This week is a wrap and plenty to chew over for this week! Feel free to let us know any thoughts and suggestions that may contribute to these posts. It may pop-up on Feeding Frenzy or develop into a full-fledged post of its own.

Stay Curious, and have a great week!

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