Recording Drum Practice

Over the last few days, I’ve been picking up the drums sticks again. I’ve had the Roland TD-11 for a few years now. I first attempted learning the drums way back in my junior year of high school and even took private lessons. At some point, my skill stagnated since I didn’t know of a way to start playing with other instruments. In hindsight, it was a mistake I shouldn’t have been discouraged by and for the fact that I miss that drums set. It was a Pearl with cherry red pearlescent skin; it was fantastic, and I wish I had it still. One day I’ll get a set like that again.

Anyways enough of the reminiscing. I still remember many basic beat patterns from the whole, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes. In general, I’ve always played more by feel and never got to the confidence level to play along to songs with any proficiency.

Example of pearlescent cherry red courtesy of Jelly Beans!

Example of pearlescent cherry red courtesy of Jelly Beans!

The last few days, I had the realization that I could record my drum set! So I've now attempted to record myself, and this is the first time I've heard what I sound like playing the drums outside of the act in real time. These recordings were all in one session about fifteen minutes in length. I cut little beats that seemed to have a strong theme only by the sound alone. I didn't do anything fancy techniques here this was just exploring how the beats evolved.

This almost reminds me of my conversation with Jordan Criss on talking about how music is made (check out the podcast here). While this nowhere near how much work goes into making a song I’m starting to get a better idea of how all the pieces fit together to produce it. Than to perform it live on stage seems even more insane. Especially on drums messing up feels awful! Then again, practice makes a perfect, right?

Tracks from Today’s Practice

Thanks for reading and listening as with everything this is all a process, so I hope to keep iterating on this showing progress as I can put more time behind the kit! Please don't hesitate to give me feedback and maybe you'll hear a wholly produced intro for the podcast sometime in the future stay tuned!

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