Podcast of the Week - Scooter Braun on Big Questions

“Life is never going to be content. Life is never going to be normal. For the rest of your life you’re on journey and it’s going to continue to have ups and downs and ups and downs. It is a roller coaster that never ends. Until one day you close your eyes and you’re off the roller coaster. I think for me I want to be on as many journeys as possible. So at least if I’m on a roller coaster there’s a new zig zag and a turn I didn’t know about before.”
- Scooter Braun

Welcome to the first post of Podcast of the Week!

This week we have Scooter Braun on Big Questions with Cal Fussman. First, a little background on Cal Fussman. He's a renowned writer for Esquire’s “What I've Learned” column and is known for shaping the world with his peerless questions. I first came across Cal on the Tim Ferriss Podcast. In those two episodes, which I highly recommend as well, you get to know a truly masterful storyteller work his craft. Since those episodes, Cal was begged by many to start a podcast of his own. At the end of 2017, Cal finally made the podcast. 

 In this episode, the guest is Scooter Braun. Scooter is a manager for some of the biggest names in the music world such as Usher, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Ariana Grande.  Right out of the gate, Cal makes the podcast feel special and it centers around what Scooter learned in 2017.  Many of the stories focus on the bombing that took place in Manchester, England, as  Ariana Grande's concert was ending. Two weeks after the fatal bombing, Scooter helped put together the “One Love Manchester” benefit concert.

What makes this podcast great is how much emotion is put into the telling of the stories. It creates the feeling of genuine human emotion coming through without even seeing his face. On top of this, the stories flow naturally, like a conversation between two people talking about what they've been through. Cal just sits back and lets the conversation flow. At times, it feels as if you’re there reliving the event through Scooter. 

The stories Scooter tells are of normal people who picked their kids up from a concert, and they never went back home.  The listener feels the pain of what the victims went through. Choosing to respond with the “One Love Manchester” benefit concert shows the strength in humanity, in my opinion. When we put our differences aside and choose to support each other, we can do anything. Most importantly of all, we don't have to be afraid. 

Where I live it's safe and many seem to be walking in their own bubble. By exposing myself to these kinds of stories, it helps me understand how harsh the world can be. To me, the stories put my privilege in perspective. The problems I have and the things I want to complain about are really not that big of a deal. By injecting myself into stories like this, I get to experience the gratitude that goes along with growing up where I did. It also allows me to connect more deeply with the rest of the world.

 With that, it's time to go listen to the podcast! Cal is a masterful host and this podcast basically recorded itself.

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