#8 - Art, Life and Literature

Erich and Joe are joined by first time guest and good friend Jordan Criss (insta: crisshappens). This all started with a question whether a person who has a public face which, in this case a musician can be separated from their work and the character of that person. From there we meander to other topics on life and how Joe found his interest into deep philosophy. We close out with some books and podcasts.

#4 - Deep Dive Into Annihilation (Film)

Erich and Joe sit down for in depth discussion on the recent film Annihilation. The first half is spoiler free so that all listeners can enjoy and we give fair warning when we cross into spoiler territory. If you want to remain spoiler free go watch the movie and come back to finish the episode is highly recommended!

#3 - The Random Show

Welcome to the first ever random show of the podcast. Joe is home on spring break so we decided to grab a few beers, sit down and have a candid conversation about what's going on. As it is aptly named we jump from topic to topic on this so see the list of notes to keep track of what we talk about. 

Mentions (In Somewhat Chronological Order):

  • On Killing https://goo.gl/ZKzpqH
  • Culture of University of Michigan
  • Business and the Big 5 Personality Traits
  • Coding and Introverts
  • Define Openess Trait
  • Tests in Central Asian History
  • Joe's Major
  • Descartes and Ripping Him a New One
  • Animal Spirit the Alcohol
  • Carnivorous Plant - https://goo.gl/rNgdXF Article Link
  • Talk Show Hosts
  • Sensationalist Media
  • Netflix vs Blockbust and the future of media
  • YouTube Going Forward - Education
  • General Education
  • Give People a Why!
  • Intro Courses weeding out process
  • Mike Rowe - https://twitter.com/mikeroweworks
  • Sense of Humor

#1 - Elon Musk and inspiration

Welcome to the Podcast

I've been having the idea for a podcast for a while now and as you'll here in the first episode about all the pies I have my fingers in. The one thing is talking about ideas, books and passions that I'm absorbing for other sources. I'm like a sponge when it comes finding things that catch my attention. This podcast will be away of distilling aspects of those things down for a broader range of people.