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#61 - Jordan Criss: Creating With A Purpose

In this conversation, we are building on small section Jordan had said during the podcast with Saint Ripley. The clip can be summed as creating with a purpose, or anything that can be consumed should make others think. We expand on this thought giving examples on content in TV shows and movies that have been done right to capture our attention.

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#59 - John Tenuto: Pop Culture, Technology and Teaching

John Tenuto is a Sociology professor at the College of Lake County, IL, with over 25 years of teaching experience. He has given dozens of public presentations and media interviews on the sociology of the "Star Trek" film and television shows. Professor Tenuto has appeared on the Netflix series "The Toys That Made Us" for the Star Wars and Star Trek episodes. In this conversation, we talk about John's interest in pop culture and how it shaped his lens of the world. We take a deeper dive into John's interest in Star Trek. His research takes him now the path to understand and highlight those who helped make the show what it was. We close with how he views teaching and what he does for his students. What comes through is his caring and authenticity in the role of a teacher.

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#13 - Eric Herrera: Being Yourself

On this episode of the podcast our guest today is Eric Herrera. Eric is one of my oldest friends at over ten years running. Eric has spent time as a Tower Climber for cellphone towers and other hands-on jobs. I try to ask questions that are uniquely suited to the person I'm a conversation. For Eric, the question that was asked was how to be yourself? I know that's a straightforward question, but we all are working in the context of our own situations, and Eric does not filter who is any situation. Being yourself is as much a skill as anything else we can do.

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