#34 - Courtney Batio: New Chapters, Visual Storytelling, and Authenticity


In this episode, we are joined by Courtney Batio. Courtney is a multidisciplinary director/designer for the performing arts now based in Chicago. The last three and a half years of her work has taken place in London, England working with set design, costume design, film, art exhibit/curation, and performance directing. In this wide-ranging conversation, we cover what Art is broadly speaking means to her and how she found it as a passion. We also include many tactical things that others can try to help build better routines since she has come back from London she's able to start fresh create new habits.

Website: courtneylaine.co.uk
Insta: @_courtneylaine

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Show Notes:

  • Background recap - Left for London three years ago

  • Bull Dog's - High School Reunion

  • Harper College Associates Degree in Fashion Design

  • Interest in broader fashion (i.e. fashion shows

  • Alexander McQueen

  • Central Saint Martins London

  • Degree Switch to Performance Design and Practice

  • Coming Back Home

  • Job Interviews

  • Embracing New Stages

  • Living in the Suburbs of Chicago

  • What were some memories of London

  • Paris and the Eiffel Tower

  • The scale of the United States vs Europe

  • Trip up from Texas

  • Audiobooks and Podcasts during driving

  • Linda Anne the Glass Artist (Instagram: @the_art_of_linda_anne

  • Chain Reactions Collaborative Art Piece (facebook.com/chainreactionsproject)

    • Visual Storytelling

  • Letting others experience what you create

  • What we create can take a life of its own

  • It takes two to have a discussion

  • Expose your work before you feel its ready

  • Tools to creation

    • Consistency

    • Marathon not a sprint

    • Repetition

    • Make the commitment

  • January New Year New Me vs Cynicism

  • Changing Habits

    • Leaving the phone outside of the bedroom

  • Connecting to Chicago

  • Lip Sync Competitions

  • Where you always attracted to Art?

  • Growing up with Theater

  • Harper Fashion

    • Hand and Lock Embroidery Competition

    • Arts of Fashion Competition

  • Mentors that Push You

  • Get out of your comfort zone

  • Recording a podcast album of my parents

  • Remembering Courtney's Nana

  • Telling Your Story

  • Differences in storytelling from live performance and recorded

  • Home recordings

  • Finding iPod from Middle School

    • Lizzie McGuire

    • Greenday

    • All American Rejects

  • Limewire

  • Waking Up

  • Learning How to Learn

  • Building up to a performance or project

  • View through the lens of a project to be able to problem solve more effectively

  • Unlearning at London

  • Weta Workshop

  • Being less detail-oriented early on

  • Working in teams

  • Learning by Doing

  • Let others experience failure

  • Coming back home

  • Meditation / Mindfulness

  • Daily Gratitude

  • Yoga

  • 30 Days of Headspace

  • Tarot Cards

  • How can I take a moment for myself?

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