#35 - Joe Jackowski and Jordan Criss: The Creative Process

In this episode, we are graced by the presence of Joe Jackowski and Jordan Criss regulars on the show. We go over recent dealings with the Student Veteran’s Association National Convention. From there we get into a much broader discussion on the creative process in the realm of writing and screenplays.

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Show Notes:

  • Dealing with "No"

  • Breaking Bad

  • The Attraction of Opposites

  • Getting into screenplays

  • Creative people

  • Visualization

  • Vince Gilligan & Bryan Cranston

  • Pilot Episode - Breaking Bad

  • Analysis

  • Screenplay

  • Writing and Psychology

  • Extroversion and Introversion as Processing Modes

  • Problem-solving Buddy System

  • Personal Philosophy

    • Erich: Be Present, Be Curious, Be Authentic

  • What is Feeding Curiosity?

    • Think. Question. Synthesize.

  • The Power of Quotes

  • Viktor Frankl

    • Psychotherapy and Existentialism

Man's Search for Meaning
By Viktor E. Frankl

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