#33 - Jordan Criss: Visionaries, Psychedelic Research, and Creativity

In this episode, we are joined by frequent guest Jordan Criss. Jordan is a local artist and now a writer in training. As our first conversation for 2019, we talk a bit about sports, traveling and different books we’ve been reading. Spoiler warning we discuss a bit about Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. While we try to stay away from describing specific things just an obligatory warning. Jordan also shares more of his interest in screenwriting.

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Show Notes (in chronological order):

  • Football Season

  • Boston

  • Chicago Fans

  • Jordan is a Patriots Fan (Gross)

  •  Boston Trip

  • Gillette Stadium (Link)

  • Bills Mafia (Video)

  • Freedom Trail (Link)

  • Road Tripping - Yosemite National and Red Woods

  • Graduation

  • Five Year Work Anniversary 

  • Learning Freedom

  • Film Deep Dive: Interstellar (Link)

  • Personal Psychology Framework (What is the technical term)

  • Goodreads (Erich’s Profile) and Reading Goal

  • The Dream Machine by M. Mitchell Waldrop  

  • J.C.R Licklider (Wikipedia)

  • Human-Computer Symbiosis

  • Elon Musk and making ideas real

  • Technology Adoption Cycle (Link)

  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson Instagram post 

  • look at history in from the point of its own context

  • The hidden movers behind technologies today.

  • Douglas Engelbart - Youtube Video

  • How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan

  • Engineers and Psychedelics in 1960s Picture

Excerpt from  How to Change Your Mind

Excerpt from How to Change Your Mind

  • Psychedelics and creativity

  • Types of studies (Double-blind) and difficulties in creating studies for psychedelics

  • Placebo Effect (New York Times Article)

  • Understanding the Brain - The Next Frontier

  • Breaking down the meaning of Black Mirror

  • Everyone could have a personal brand

  • Storytelling in Sci-fi

  • Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Discussion 

  • R.L Stein Interactive Books : Goosebumps

  • Leading the viewer to make decisions 

  • Comparing Bandersnatch to Mass Effect (Game)

  • Bandersnatch - is it worth watching?

  • View Bandersnatch from a psychological lens

  • Have a Bandersnatch viewing party (podcast incoming!!)

  • Life is a game idea - groundhog day

  • The meta ending of Bandersnatch

  • Connecting it to Jumanji

  • Jordan and Screenwriting Snobbery

  • Dark Knight Screenplays

  • Creating Batman as a symbol fear for criminals 

  • Lagunitas Chicago Brewery

  • Perception of how the character should be portrayed

  • Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

  • Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child Pendergast Novels (Most Recent Book)


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