#43 - Nicholas Buegel, Joe Jackowski, and Jordan Criss: Morality Discussion

In this episode, Nick Buegel returns to the podcast to explore Morality. This discussion we have regulars, Jordan Criss and Joe Jackowski, to talk to through Morality. We meander into ethics, autonomy, and how stress affects people. We close out the episode with a conversation Joe and Jordan wanted to have about the Liam Neeson controversy in person. This conversation leaves food for thought and other explorations for you to follow.

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Show Notes:

[00:04:43] - RODE CasterPro

[00:05:23] - Introduction

[00:06:43] - Beer Break

[00:07:44] - UCAN Performance Energy Power (Super Starch)

[00:08:23] - Nick Buegel layouts his entry into the Morality Discussion

[00:09:23] - Utilitarianism - John Stuart Mill

                  Immanuel Kant Ethics

[00:10:43] - What makes a fact a fact?

[00:11:23] - An unquestioned answer become a fact

[00:13:03] - Need for separation for church and state.

[00:13:53] - Where morality came from evolutionary speaking

[00:17:23] - Live your life until you have a negative impact on someone else's life

[00:18:38] - If you disconnect from the objective morality you have no foundation to judge any right from wrong

[00:21:38] - Kantian Ethics Example

[00:24:58] - Nick Buegel belief in Empathetic Intelligence

                  Ruth Bader Ginsberg

[00:25:43] - Jonathan Haidt - 5 Dimension of Morality

[00:28:18] - The need for many different personalities and opinions.

                  Strawberry Example

[00:31:03] - Autonomy and Ethics

[00:33:43] - Paperclip Problem (Instrumental Convergence)

[00:36:08] - Collaborative Robot Example

                  Hockey Stick Moment

[00:38:07] - At the end of the day the choices you  make are the best for yourself.

[00:40:23] - The human brain has more inhibitory neurons than any other primate

[00:42:23] - Back to paper clip example - Moral Framework with limited information

[00:44:20] - Art is the imagistic representation of problems.

[00:48:00] - "You are a human being and all the ancestors that have come before you." - Joe Jackowski

[00:49:51] - Morals: Is it current and appropriate. The human animal still reacts as it is programmed too.

[00:51:03] - The stress you have been exposed too is the high water mark for your flight or flight response.

[00:52:27] - Johnathan Haidt on JRE

[00:54:13] - Maximum Income that will not further increase happiness.

[00:55:58] - Monetary freedom limits the life that you could have.

[00:58:23] - What do you value as life experience?

[01:00:03] - Pursue what you find passionate, do what you would if you had the money anyways.

[01:01:34] - Violence escalates when poor is near the rich.

[01:02:54] - Compete to Create Cultural Pillars




[01:08:13] - Contradictions Can't Exist

[01:10:58] - The better person is who is aware that they could the wrong thing or even want to do it, but chooses to do the right thing.

[01:13:08] - Liam Neeson Discussion

[01:17:38] - Path for Redemption

[01:26:00] - Bridge the gap between Intent: Past vs. Future

[01:28:07] - Would they have the platform they currently do if the controversy was known during the time.

[01:34:43] - Mass experimentation with technology being adopted affecting psychology and human behavior.  

[01:36:58] - The benefits of being empathetic.