#47 - 2X Olympian Nicole Davis: Mindset, Learning and Recovery

“Everything you need is already within you.”

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Nicole Davis is a two time former Olympian in indoor Volleyball, after retiring from the sport she now is a mindset coach for Compete to Create and currently working to on a master in Sports Performance Psychology and eventually a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Nicole is building science and language around her experience as an elite performer so she can best articulate what she's lived to a broader audience. Nicole shares mindset tactics from her own experience and the psychological framework in which they are grounded. We cover topics including mindfulness, vulnerability, learning, recovery and nutrition.We close with some advice towards college students entering the real world and recommended books.

If want to listen to more Nicole find her on Finding Mastery and TEDx Talk! Follow Nicole on social media TW: @nicolemdavis6

Compete to Create is founded by Seattle Seahawks head coach Peter Carroll and high-performance psychologist Michael Gervais. Compete to Create is oriented around giving individuals and the tools to strive to be their very best in every aspect of their life. Use code ND50 on the Finding Your Best Course.

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Recommended Books:

Culture Code by Dan Coyle

Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

The Way of the Champion

Altered Traits by Daniel Goleman and Richard J. Davidson

10% Happier by Dan Harris (Review)

Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown

Show Notes:

[00:04:50] - Nicole's Background

[00:05:34] - Compete to Create

[00:08:34] - Transition from Sport

[00:10:29] - What can we train: Body, Craft and Mind

[00:11:09] - Personal Philosophy = Who ARE you?

[00:11:39] - Authenticity = Alignment with thoughts, words and actions.

[00:12:04] - Traps in shaping your identity: External Pressure and Identity Foreclosure

[00:14:11] - Working in a group of high performers

[00:14:49] - The Power of Culture

[00:17:01] - What do you stand for as a human being

[00:18:09] - What sets Olympians apart?

[00:21:49] - Meditation and Mindfulness Overview

Jannell MacAulay - Finding Mastery

[00:23:49] - Jon Kabat-Zinn

[00:24:49] - The Train of Thought

[00:28:34] - The benefits of mindfulness

[00:32:49] - Mentors that have shaped you

[00:36:29] - John Wooden's Pyramid of Success

[00:38:59] - Be open to Mentorship form any direction

[00:41:19] - A love of learning and sharing curiosity

[00:42:34] - Being vulnerable

[00:43:34]- Psychological Safety

[00:46:59] - Meta Learning - Learning how to learn

[00:49:09] - Growth Mindset - Being a sponge

[00:51:04] - Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin

[00:52:29] - Lean into the Plateau

[00:55:59] - Science of Recovery: Being a Top Athlete and still missing the mark

[01:01:26] - The Power of Wearables - Whoop and Oura Ring

[01:02:19] - Matthew Walker - Why We Sleep and Peter Attia Drive Podcast (Part 1 of 3)

[01:04:29] - Nutrition

[01:10:19] - Rather than what do I limit, think what do I enhance in regards to food

[01:11:54] - Framing your diet, "Can you eat this? I can but I don't"

[01:15:19] - I Don't Want to Talk About It by Terrance Real

[01:16:49] - Advice to College students about to enter the "real world"

[01:23:59] - Recommended Books:

[01:28:34] - Making a Ripple

[01:31:19] - Compete to Create - Finding Your Best Course: Use Code ND50