#48 - Joe Jackowski: Relationships, Meaningful Moments, and Remembering the Past

“If you don't know where we came from then, we don't know where we are going.”

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Joe and Erich have a discussion built around relationships, which morphs into how we connect with each other. We talk about removing the buffer between the outside world and ourselves. That when we remove the buffer, we allow for meaningful moments to happen spontaneously. From there we talk about the cynicism of our generation that seems to push back on authenticity or showing genuine emotion as a weakness if you don't connect whatever that is on the same level. We can channel someone's else passion and allow that fuel what each out of us enjoys in the world. We need as many taste and views in the world as possible. If we all thought and acted the same way, the world would get stale rather quickly. We spend a portion of time on how we can bring Feeding Curiosity to a live format. Going live is in a seedling stage, but it will happen, and the reason it exists here is keeping ourselves honest. Finally, we close with thoughts on what remember the past is essential. Joe shares stories on what his grandmother experienced and tokens from her life that have now been passed on to him. We brainstorm an idea of how to capture the lives and stories others to allow future generations to get a sense of what it was like before them.

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Show Notes:

[00:04:46] - Star Program

[00:06:11] - Attachment Theory

[00:07:06] - Robin Edelstein, Ph.D. 

[00:08:26] - Childhood Attachment

[00:10:56] - Insecure Attachment

[00:12:56] - Manifestation of Mental Illness

[00:14:36] - Avoidant and Narcissism - Anxious and Histrionic

[00:16:06] - A narcissist being above a relationship

[00:17:20] - Understanding your internal issues and then working through them to create a healthy relationship with yourself and then others

[00:18:56] - Sometimes the one you're lying to most is yourself

[00:21:26] - Exposure Therapy

[00:23:16] - More screen time as a child shows lowered verbal intelligence

[00:24:36] - We Need to Talk: How to Have Conversations That Matter by Celeste Headlee. Listen to her TED Talk

[00:25:46] - Putting a buffer between yourself and the outside world and finding ways to remove it.

[00:29:36] - Being present for as many moments as possible.

[00:30:06] - Online Dating and Spontaneous Relationships

[00:31:53] - Meaningful Moments

[00:33:26] - Japan Trip: What was the 'wow' moment?

[00:38:06] - Cancun Meaningful Moment: Mayan Ruins

[00:41:56] - Somatic Primacy

[00:48:26] - Being cynical towards others robs you of a full experience towards others

[00:52:26] - Here's the world and lets try to figure it out together. 

[00:58:06] - A podcast that explores the percarity of human experience

[00:58:36] - Amanda Palmer on the Tim Ferriss Show

[01:01:36] - How I view myself and how it has evolved

[01:02:56] - Emerging Adulthood Talk - Experiences in the Military

[01:08:26] - One Year Anniversary - Storytelling

[01:12:06] - Thinking of inflection points in your life

[01:11:36] - Compete to Create - Personal Philosophy

[11:15:46] - Allowing others to share their stories even if its outside a recorded setting is even more rewarding than doing a live show.

[01:24:36] - You are the reflection of the five people closest to you and you reflect on to them.

[01:32:21] - Treating symptoms rather than the root cause

[01:34:36] - Mindfulness and its PR problem

[01:35:46] - Altered Traits by Daniel Goleman and Richard J. Davidson

[01:36:06] - Awareness by Tony De Mello

[01:40:36] - Philosophy with a small p

[01:43:26] - Psychotherapy and Existentialism: Selected Papers on Logotherapy by Viktor Frankl

[01:44:36] - Joe's grandmother and passing of knowledge

[01:52:50] - Allowing our children to meet their grandparents

[01:58:42] - If you don't know where we came from then we don't know where we are going.

[02:00:41] - Thoughts on War

[01:03:30 - Why Jocko can't watch war movies?