#65 - Joe Jackowski: SVA Leadership Summit, Japan, and Power Dynamics

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Joe Jackowski is back on the show! We recap what Joe has been up to over the summer and the upcoming school semester.

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Topics we touch on:

  • A vision for the U of M SVA Chapter - Cross-Pollination with other groups on campus.

  • Joe's upcoming thesis research - This will be centered around language analysis and Generic You within the Veteran Community.

  • Trepidation on taking Japanese for a grade last semester. Segwaying into a broader discussion on Japanese culture.

  • A discussion around power dynamics.

"Cultures grow when they come into contact with each other. But they only learn from each if you’re willing to let them cross-pollinate. Let them share ideas, move, and try new things. That's how you learn about other people and get empathy for people that aren't like you." - Joe Jackowski

Show Notes:

[00:04:16] - Joe likes watching paint dry.

[00:05:46] - The Most Boring Man in the World

[00:06:36] - Summer Recap

[00:06:56] - SVA Leadership Summit

[00:08:06] - Getting sponsored to get to the summit

[00:09:26] - Raytheon Headquarters in Boston hosted the event

[00:11:06] - European Pilgrimage Story

[00:13:06] - Forming the vision of what they want to accomplish at their SVA Chapter

[00:13:46] - Joe wants to do more cross-pollination across campus.

[00:15:06] - The end of the Surge group at their chapter of SVA

[00:16:06] - Joint Volunteer Opportunities

[00:16:51] - If you go through something difficult to get into something, then it creates a deeper bond and less likely to leave it.

[00:19:06] - Sometimes, all it takes asking, and you'll be able to do things you didn't think would be possible.

[00:20:36] - Joe's life has been a series of winging it

[00:21:21] - Thesis Brainstorming

[00:21:51] - Expressive Writing - Podcast with Jordan Peterson and James Pennebaker

[00:22:36] - Susan Gelman

[00:22:46] - Language analysis with Generic You

[00:23:16] - The more psychologically distanced from a negative experience the more meaning they have gained from that experience

[00:24:06] - Externalizing the pain and creating lessons from experiences

[00:26:06] - Honors Thesis Program

[00:28:06] - Joe's only worry is Senior year Japanese

[00:29:06] - Going back to Japan in 2021 and being able to speak the language

[00:31:06] - Pique Tea

[00:31:36] - Japanese Tradition and Culture

[00:35:21] - Japan has an atheistic population, but people still partake in the spiritual aspects of the culture

[00:37:06] - How do we get more participation across groups

[00:38:06] - Religion provides a moral frame. It doesn't matter whether or not the story is true.

[00:40:06] - As a tourist, sharing of the culture was a natural tendency

[00:40:46] - They wouldn't like the idea of culture living as separate entities. Cultures grow when they come into contact with others.

[00:42:06] - Power game dynamics

[00:43:56] - People latch on to a specific view of the world. Paul Stamets has a mushroom eyed view of the world.

[00:44:26] - The average humanities paper has zero citations

[00:45:36] - James Lindsey and Peter Boghossian

[00:46:16] - JRE with James Lindsey and Peter Boghossian

[00:47:06] - Its the power dynamics of groups the individual does not exist with ideological people

[00:48:06] - What the queen of England represents

[00:49:06] - People project symbols of what they represent on to other people

[00:51:21] - There is no moral growth, once you're part of the power group, then you are trapped.

[00:52:26] - How do you see the postmodern power dynamic ideology changing or connecting to someone?

[00:53:21] - Foucault

[00:53:51] - Giving people other options on what to think, but laid out thoughtfully.

[00:54:06] - How to Win Friends And Influence People by Steven Covey

[00:55:16] - What Joe is looking forward to this semester?

[00:55:36] - Duolingo

[00:56:06] - Heterodox Academy - All Minus One