One Year of Podcasting

It's officially one year of podcasting! What a wild ride it's been I never would have expected this is where it would have taken me looking back over what we've created is fantastic. The responses I've received blow me away, and I hope to keep getting more of those. Here is a special episode of the podcast looking back on the last year and where we are heading. I liked to thank every guest who's come on the show to share a little bit of their story with me. It's been an honor and a privilege that you let me share it with the world.

Even though the editing work is mostly a one-person show, there are a few people I'd like to give special thanks for making this possible.

  • Joe Jackowski - For being the first to help with the idea and share a little of your writings with your available time

  • Jordan Criss - For listening to my endless rambles and for helping to reach out to people that we can talk too.

  • Nick Wenzel - For helping with all the graphics and logo work. The new designs are light years better than they were. Thanks for bearing with me, but sometimes you have to force things into being rather than making it perfect. (I'm still going to break your layouts.)

  • Mike Taccona - For helping with book discussions, workouts, and whatever crazy things we try. They provide endless talking points even though you're on the podcast far less often than you should be.

I don't want to take up to much space, but in all this a stems from the discussions over a few beers with my friends. What you hear in the podcast is how we discuss in person. It's a quality I respect much, and without that, it's likely this wouldn't even exist.

Here's to another great year of podcasts!


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