Erich Wenzel has a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology degree. He works as a Test Engineer for a third-party testing facility in the certification, inspection, and testing (CIT) industry for the last five years. While pursuing his degree, Erich has worked full-time at his position allowing for a unique perspective of one foot in the engineering and academic world.

Outside of the working world, He became interested in the optimization of the human body. He is asking the question what can I do to allow myself to function better in any aspect. Erich has a deep fascination in how the body works from strength and flexibility to psychology — seeing his routine and life as an experiment.

To get inspiration, he absorbs information from as many sources as possible. Initially from books and podcasts and now he draws from guests on this podcast to continue to refine what works and what doesn't. The website itself is a collection of what Erich is working through himself what he's tried to synthesize and hopes it may help you in your journey.