A Path and Ripples

Pain. The kind of pain where you are at once an observer and receiver. You are a glass mannequin collapsing in on itself. In the collapse, you don't see just how much damage this is causing, but in the aftermath, you have to put the pieces back together. The intensity of this pain makes you retreat from the world. You have to shut almost everything out to begin to process what has occurred. This pain could be loss or heartbreak or all of the above. It makes you question who you are and where you are going.

Your path is the one you are on whether you know it or not. In times of pain, you can see the flaws you must address in stark contrast, but when life is comfortable, you don't see a need to change your path. You do not sit and contemplate your place on the path when all is right in your world. It is through the pain that what is buried within you is uncovered.

You must not cling on to what you have gone through. Only regard it with understanding. Pain is momentary. Pain fades over time. .

In times of pain, you sever your connection to others. You retreat to protect yourself. To protect yourself from those who may cause you harm. But over time you will realize through the pain you bear, you are stronger for having endured it. Your path consists of how you connect to others and how to connect yourself to others. Then to reconnect with the world and share how you better understand your new view of the world. Being able to manifest that pain into a new form, not unlike how a diamond is made. Once the light returns, it inspires awe. That is the deep work you must do to find your path once again.

Every path must be walked alone, but you also carry with you everyone you've crossed paths with.

Through video, music, books, you cross paths.

Through a handshake, a hug, a kiss, you cross paths.

It is through connection that we transcend from a single being to something much more significant.

Your path is a synthesis of those who've crossed. That's what makes you unique. No one will ever have the same connections as you do.

Everyone on the planet is a single node in an impossibly complex system.

Imagine, if you will, a massive web and every intersection is a single person. Every node on the network also is connected to those around it, and everything you do reverberates outward. No matter how small the action, that action carries effects to those around you. That is why being on your path is so important. That reverberation becomes your ripple. Each ripple is small, to begin with, but over time and repeated connection that ripple can become a tidal wave.

Now on to your path and make the next ripple.

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