The following list of podcasts that I've listened to every week and feel like I've gained the most from as well. For me, podcasts are a highly useful tool to learn from those you can't share the same space with. At times, feeling like a one on one lecture with someone. I've listened to so much of the podcasts below that in many ways I view the hosts of each show as a mentor from afar. They each provide me with information in ways to orient my life. These aspects can include meditation, mindset, workout routines and overall lifestyle choices. I'll explain a little about each podcast to give you a taste of each one. Lastly, I'd like to thank Tim Ferris for helping give Peter Attia and Cal Fussman a launch pad for their shows. I encountered each of these people through Tim minus Joe Rogan. I hope you can learn as much I have from them and the conversations they have.

  1. The Peter Attia Drive

  2. Find Mastery: Conversations with Michael Gervais

  3. Big Questions with Cal Fussman

  4. The Tim Ferriss Show

  5. Joe Rogan Experience

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The Peter Attia Drive

Peter Attia, MD founder of a private practice for the applied science of longevity with offices in both San Diego and New York City. He has M.D. from Stanford and in another life has a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. He is known for making himself into a human guinea pig (Keto Experiments). He of that he is one of the most thoughtful individuals and his conversations with other experts in the medical field it's like sitting a med school course being a fly on the way. Also, a standout is the quality of the show notes. The podcast as much detail, that when interested reading through the show notes adds a whole new level to the caliber of the content. Below are my recommended episodes I thoroughly enjoyed which ironically don't feature medical professionals, but still have just as much value. In particular, Corey McCarthy's stories is one of the most moving stories I've ever heard and very similar to a few other podcasts in the following descriptions. The second recommendation I have for Apolo Ohno and this podcast is just a treat digging into the training routines and overall what it was like to be an Olympic athlete.

Recommended Episode:

Corey McCarthy

Apolo Ohno

Bonus Blog: Thank You, Woody

Peter recently shared this article on his twitter. I found it to be very heartfelt and caused me to think about the people believed in as a young kid. I partly wish I had kept in touch in the same way Peter did. One of my goals for 2019 is going to be tracking down some of my old teachers and see if they would be willing to do a podcast. We all have people that believe in us and put on a path that we didn't think was possible.

Find Mastery: Conversations with Michael Gervais

Michael Gervais is a Sport and Performance Psychologist who works with the Seattle Seahawks. He also is the co-founder of Compete to Create. What I enjoy most about is podcast is the caliber of the questions he asks in the podcast, it's about teasing about the metal frameworks and routines that top performers from any field have used and developed. I like to view it as applied psychology were you see these top performers is grounded by having a stable routine in mindfulness practice it makes a strong case for how to apply it in your own life. Micheal's framework question: "Is there a common thread connecting how the greatest performers in the world use their minds to pursue the boundaries of human potential?" My recommended podcasts Aaron Bruno the lead singer and founder of AWOLNATION. I enjoyed how candid this conversation was, and they dig deep into the stylistic choices that set him apart. The second is Michael Rosenbaum, and this one is less interview and more discussion between friends. Which is why I'm recommending it, you can get a better sense of how both men operate in their respective roles and are surprisingly vulnerable.

Recommended Episodes: 

Aaron Bruno

Michael Rosenbaum

Big Questions with Cal Fussman

Outside of Tim Ferriss, I view Cal as one of my mentors from afar. As I mentioned, this and the preceding two podcast hosts were initially on the Tim Ferriss show. Before podcasting, Cal has already been known as a world-renowned interviewer an incredible storyteller. Through listening to Cal on Tim Ferriss’ podcast and on this podcast, I've learned so much about storytelling and becoming an interviewer myself. I've reached out to Cal through email to share impact he's had on me. Just to get a response in its own right is meaningful. I'll share part of his response here:

Just know that I’m in your corner and I hope your podcast continues to grow.

Try to make every episode a little better than the last in some way.

Little by little, a little adds up to a lot.

Small things can have a significant impact, and it may be cheesy, but just reaching out and saying he you made me take a leap can make someone smile. Cal made my day with this, and I hope you enjoy his storytelling. I could recommend so many of Cal's podcasts, but I limited to the most impact on me. The first is the story of Kevin Hines. Stop whatever you're doing and download this episode if you have one episode to listen this is the one. It's a story from Hell to Hope. I cried listening to this and did again re-listening to it a month ago. It will help you change the way with think of mental illness and something we can all do be more empathize with each other. The second recommendation is an interview with Mick Ebeling who is the founder of Not Impossible Labs and even wrote a short post about it earlier this year (https://feedingcuriosity.net/blog/2018/9/6/commit-first).

Recommended Episodes:

Kevin Hines

Mick Ebeling

The Tim Ferriss Show

In many ways, had I not stumbled upon Tim's Podcast this writing would almost not have happened. Taking what other top performers and applying it to your own life has become one my main tools and it started from Tim and his writings. On top of that, he helps questions assumptions one of mine was meditation which I finally gave a full month of after hearing it so many times on this podcast and others. Also, just finding out ways to turn habits and routines into tools that we can adopt. Thanks, Tim for giving me tools that have helped to start my own lifestyle experiment. My recommended episodes are Dave Elitch who is a master class drummer and overall teacher. His website features some amazing shirts that apply to any form of learning. As a fan of drums being my only musical inclination, I found this episode very funny. The second is Terry Crews which besides being larger than life personality it's a great one.

Recommended Episode:

Dave Elitch

Terry Crews

Joe Rogan Experience

I entered the podcast world with Joe Rogan. Showing that podcasts can be conversations between people that have so much trapped information and can help understand the world we live in. When in the downtime that none of the above podcasters have nothing in queue i can always find something of interest on JRE. From Hunters to Scientists there's someone out there that you'd find interesting and Joe has talked an expert or if your just looking for a good laugh too. For JRE picking recommendations was much harder since the episode is so much more frequent but along the same lines of Corey McCarthy and Kevin Hines. I have Nick Yarris who served 21 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. It's a crazy story. The second is Chuck Palahniuk who is the author of Fight Club and talk about his storytelling and writing process.

Recommended Episodes:

Nick Yarris

Chuck Palahniuk