#67 - Angels and Airwaves Live: Follow the Maybe

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Over the weekend, Erich saw Angels and Airwaves (AVA) live at the Chicago House of Blues. In this episode, we spice things up with a different style of podcast. Erich shares his thoughts on the experience of seeing AVA, but before that, we need a little bit of background. A common theme of this podcast is how much we resonate with the music. There's deep roots within humanity and the creation of music. We have talked about favorite artist or genres many times.

For Erich, Angels and Airwaves is a special band. AVA has been a cornerstone of his musical interests for many years. From an artistic perspective, Erich has resonated with AVA at a deep level. It wasn't until seeing the band live that it finally struck him at how long he has followed the group and in particular Tom Delonge. Up until this point, he may not have realized why it has gone so deep.

Tom Delonge is nothing short of fascinating. Without spending to much time on his current ventures, Tom is unashamed of his creativity. He will always choose to push his boundaries and what he wants to spend his time on. Tom's drive to explore could not be more apparent with the departure from Blink-182. Tom needed a bigger sandbox. He's an example of what you can do if you follow your maybe. Tom is the founder of To The Stars and To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science. He could have comfortably ridden Blink-182 until the end, but instead, he chose a different path.

For Erich, Tom Delonge is an example of what could be possible, and it doesn't have to be grandiose like changing the world but trying to what moves you at your core.

Ask yourself this maybe I could...

What's the first thing you that comes to mind? Now start moving in that direction, and it doesn't have to be life-altering shift the sails. Keep going and see where that takes you.