#49 - Nick Wenzel: Graphic Communication and Encouraging Others

Nick Wenzel is a recent graduate from Columbia College Chicago in Graphic Design. Even with this degree, he describes his skill set as Graphic Communication because that encompasses all aspects from photography, videography, and design. Nick shares how he was able to take what many assume is an artistic avenue and transition it with the more business-oriented approach. He gives his thoughts on misconceptions within the graphic communication space. We then transition to broader topics on finding what interests you most and encouraging yourself to try things that you don't know how to do. In general, getting comfortable with failing.

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Find Nick at these awesome places on the internet:

Website: https://nickwenzel.com/

Instagram: @nicholas_wenzel


Show Notes:

[00:05:09] - What is graphic communication?

[00:06:28] - Graphic Design is not art

[00:06:44] - The reason graphic design students don't transition well

[00:09:39] - The companies that use design effectively are the most successful

[00:10:29] - Shrinking attention spans

[00:11:29] - How consumers have changed consumption due to social media

[00:13:29] - Exploring outside the classroom

[00:15:59] - Any mentors or places you learned from? https://phlearn.com/

[00:16:49] - Aaron Draplin

[00:17:29] - Band Posters

[00:19:29] - Assuming was being creative is

[00:21:44] - The most challenging/memorable design you have done?

[00:28:04] - Redesigning the Feeding Curiosity Logo

[00:33:39] - Photoshop composites - 365 Day Challenge

[00:41:26] - Creating anything requires perseverance

[00:41:13] - Why are people hesitant to give honest feedback?

[00:42:42] - Design Classroom Example

[00:44:39] - Feedback on Erich's verbal ticks

[00:50:44] - Giving someone negative feedback is the fastest way to kill someone's motivation (in general).

[00:51:49] - Had Nick not tried out for improv this path would have never been attempted

[00:53:09] - Erich's views on mentors - Leaving a breadcrumb trail

[00:55:35] - Successful people are encouraged to try

[00:56:29] - Do you go wide or deep on a subject?

[00:59:24] - Propping up the underdog and giving access to information

[01:01:29] - Harper College doesn't have a photography club, but what if it did?

[01:03:29] - Passing on a legacy of learning

[01:04:29] - The word passion sucks!

[01:05:17] - Access to tools that inspire

[01:06:33] - Why working out is an inoculation to failure.

[01:10:59] - Being interested in other people can change their life

[01:16:44] - Why is design useful?