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#74 - Wendy Jones: Lessons from an Optimist

In this conversation, we are joined by Wendy Jones. Wendy is the founder of the blog, The Optimists Journal. She uses the power of her own story, which includes surviving divorce, parenting four children, overcoming PTSD after her son's near-drowning almost ten years ago, and parenting a child on the autism spectrum to reflect, heal and thrive. Wendy believes that we all have to choose whether we react to life's circumstances or create them with our mindset, practice, and consistency.

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#47 - 2X Olympian Nicole Davis: Mindset, Learning and Recovery

Nicole Davis a former 2X Olympian and now a mindset coach shares her insight into the psychological frame work of what it means to be a high performer. We cover mindfulness, learning, and many more!

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