#56 - Todd Myrick: Connecting Through Technology

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Toddy Myrick is an IT Specialist with an undergraduate in Fine Art Printmaking & Photography and later completed a graduate degree in MS Information Systems & Technology Management & MBA. Outside the academic world, Todd has always had an interest in technology and acts as Reddit moderator. In this episode, we get quite biographical as Todd lays out his life and what has influenced him. What shows through is his connection to those around him and the caring he has for people that he respects. We get to the early 1990s in the chronology of his story, and it will be continued in a future episode of the podcast, so stay tuned!

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Show Notes:

[00:03:26] - Introductions and Name Tangent

[00:04:56] - Knowing people as online as their online name

[00:08:03] - Being a step-father

[00:09:07] - Todd's Early Life and the importance of his Grandparents

[00:11:06] - Being emotional - Connecting to moments ( StarCraft II: Kerrigan Cut scene)

[00:12:03] - Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan - Kirk’s Eulogy

[00:12:43] - Why doesn't Matter: Being in touch with yourself

[00:14:18] - Kirk represents the wise mind

[00:14:36] - How Erich met Todd - Heroes of the Storm YouTube Videos

[00:15:47] - How Todd views my content

[00:18:13] - “Man in the Arena” by Theodore Roosevelt - Games are a microcosm of life

[00:19:16] - Evolution of games and finding others people to play with - World of Warcraft Tangent

[00:23:16] - First Games that resonated

[00:23:43] - Helping friends through a divorce

[00:22:49] - Dungeons and Dragon's as the introduction gaming

[00:25:56] - Characters Names are important

[00:28:41] - Step-Father was a state police officer and interested in Citizens Band Radio (CB Radio)

[00:33:26] - His Step-Father was a hero

[00:34:46] - Doing what's right matters - What's important is that you care

[00:38:16] - Taking the initiative in a given situation

[00:39:31] - Learning to take the initiative (Who's got the monkey)

[00:40:26] - Everything you read there's an unfinished section and its what you take away from it.

[00:43:16] - Nursing Pledge - Florence Nightingale

[00:44:46] - Frank Llyod Wright

[00:47:46] - Emotional Attachment

[00:50:16] - Doing the deep work it can be done by anyone.

[00:51:16] - Exiled Versions of yourself- The Managers and Fire Firefighter in your mind

[00:55:06] - Grammarly a useful writing coach

[00:57:46] - Showing others how to solve Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom on Atari 2600

[00:58:46] - Progression of Technology and importance of Gaming

[00:59:56] - Pinochle (Card Game)

[01:00:56] - College Experience

[01:01:16] - Apple IIe

[01:02:46] - Teaching his mom who to use a mouse and graphic user interface through solitaire

[01:05:56] - Ultima (Series)

[01:13:00] - Delineation of the Podcast - This is part one!

[01:14:16] - Kevin Mitnick and Ghost in the Wire (Book)

[01:20:05] - Cliffhanger: Starting a Computer Company and Starting an ISP

[01:22:26] - Burying information inside YouTube videos

[01:23:41] - Making connections through technology

[01:25:46] - Giving his Grandson the ability to get most from technology and the internet