Spiraling Upwards: A Poem on Being





Spiraling out from

being, circumambulating,

a lotus blooming and expanding, experience

gathering, collected into an individual before being projected.

Like lungs that grow with each in-breath, more information is compounded, fortified, ossified, and finally disintegrated again.

All to accommodate novelty. The way changes the environment itself - the pool from which one gathers information. Which, in turn, provides different information and ways for one to integrate information.

Guidance must be offered. The cosmos is as infinite as an individual is finite. They are, in part, defined by their contrast; the limitless cannot live up to its name if it does not contain limitation. When values are asserted, and goals posited, meaning flourishes. Embedded in purpose, and action, exists phenomenal meaning.

How one acts is guided by values, but what one ultimately values, determines their purpose and enables meaning. Again, our curious minds contend with the infinite - the cosmos and it’s substructure, Truth. One must gaze out into the galaxy, painted lights across the black expanse, and choose one’s guiding light. Which star will be the best guide? One must ask which star works - which star lead you to where you intended to go. Some may be inadequate. If one devotes oneself to Eros, the red giant of lust, they may find that pleasure doesn't produce equanimity, forfeiting their peace.

The ultimate value, would produce ultimate meaning - a world where all action, contains a grain of meaning. A world where a midnight walk is accompanied by a profound sense of purpose, carried in by the cool summer air. A world where a moment with a stranger is imbued with purpose; one asks oneself what reason they have been provided with this small opportunity to reach their ultimate goal. Where all roads lead to their city on a hill - their ivory aim is reached through each act afforded to them. Imagine a life where all moments, all actions and outcomes, are made profound by one’s commitment to the brightest possible star. And imagine how that devotion, to the highest aim, may ripple from one’s community to the cosmos that contains it. The world may be enlightened through the enactment of the highest ideal, and the face of the stars may turn towards the highest among them in reverence to its potential.

Joe Jackowski is currently studying biopsychology, cognition, and neuroscience (BCN) and philosophy at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He also serves as Secretary and Volunteer Chair for the Student Veterans of America, UM Chapter, and is a mentor for the Washtenaw County Veteran’s Treatment Court (WCVTC). Joe enjoys diving deep on subjects, absorbing everything he can on a topic to better explain it. All-in-all he’s a very introspective person and one of the main catalysts for why this podcast exists. If you're interested in what Joe is up to follow along @joejackski and a few of the selected podcasts!

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