#61 - Jordan Criss: Creating With A Purpose

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Jordan Criss is a creative storyteller and has wide-ranging interests from music, screenwriting, and anime. At his core, Jordan believes in being authentic, and it comes through in his writing. In his own life, Jordan explores emotions and where they resonate with those around him. Jordan has appeared on this podcast many times and is a significant influence on the content we are creating. If you're interested in following along on his journey, follow him on Instagram (@crisshappens) and check out a few of the selected podcasts we've done.

In this conversation, we are building on small section Jordan had said during the podcast with Saint Ripley. The clip can be summed as creating with a purpose, or anything that can be consumed should make others think. We expand on this thought giving examples on content in TV shows and movies that have been done right to capture our attention.

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Show Notes:

[00:04:50] - Jordan is perpetually late 

[00:05:50] - Building upon a snippet from Saint Ripley's Episode: For writing and creatives in general, it is even more important to have a purpose of meaning.

[00:07:20] - Creating of anything, where the initial creation is the topic captures attention and then resonates more broadly. 

[00:08:40] - The negative capture attention more readily: The Black Mirror and Breaking Bad

[00:09:50] - Analysis of Breaking Bad and the slow progression into the darkness

[00:11:40] - Looking at Walter White from the outside, but the audience is rooting for him along the way

[00:12:50] - Writing to turn the audience against characters (Jane)

[00:13:50] - Decisions Walt make affects the larger world

[00:16:20] - the Broader context in TV shows that allow you to see how the decisions characters make affect the world.

[00:18:50] - John Tenuto's take on TV shows today

[00:19:50] - Unnecessary twists

[00:20:40] - James McAvoy performance in Split

[00:23:35] - Unbreakable

[00:24:20] - Being a superhero as a psychological disorder

[00:25:35] - The Avengers and how they have to split attention because how many characters share the screen

[00:27:35] - Spider-Man 3 - Too many antagonists

[00:29:10] - The Dark Knight Trilogy

[00:29:35] - Christopher Nolan

[00:30:40] - There hasn't been an adaptation done as well as this version of Batman

[00:33:20] - Rachel is the sidekick, and the first movie is a selfish look. The growth of the character is the realization that Batman stands for something greater

[00:34:20] - The Batman or Walter White direction

[00:35:20] - Sacrificing the symbol of Batman for Harvey Dent. The meaning: Either you die a hero or live long enough to become a villain!!!

[00:36:50] - Dichotomy of Batman and The Joker

[00:38:50] - Heath Ledger's Joker

[00:40:10] - Should people embody a character as close the edge like The Joker? 

[00:40:40] - Daniel Day-Lewis

[00:41:35] - Method Acting

[00:42:30] - Are they playing the character, or did they become the character?

[00:43:20] - Being attracted to the dark side - as an inoculation to a real experience  

[00:44:20] - Stranger Things Season 3

[00:45:30] - Breaking the tension at the worst possible time

[00:47:30] - Sometimes less is more this was not one of those stories

[00:49:20] - Two stories in parallel

[00:51:05] - A Longer Narrative looks to have been planned for Stranger Things

[00:51:35] - The Show Bible - Stranger Things

[00:53:00] - The Hand Maiden's Tale - Jordan's current favorite show

[00:54:00] - Breaking Bad as a show bible

[00:57:00] - Thinking about the journey of life 

[00:55:50] - Mindfulness for Jordan

[00:52:40] - Running and Mindfulness

[00:54:00] - There's a limitation to how much information you can take in each day

[00:59:30] - Learning to step away when you're burnt out

[01:00:35] - Human's have a desire to push themselves or do something

[01:01:35 - Thinking is a double-edged sword

[01:02:55] - Jordan was fired up by watching Bohemian Rhapsody - "I felt like I have to do something." 

[01:04:00] - Dan Brown's Lost Symbol - Tell Your Stories

[01:04:50] - The way you become immortal

[01:06:05] - Who are the people who you want to make an impact on?

[01:08:10] - Find the job that only you can uniquely fill

[01:08:50] - A conversation around passion and purpose

[01:10:05] - Rhetoric of Cinema

[01:11:20] - Mastery In Action: Keanu Reeves

[01:13:35] - Jordan's cultivated skill of not being too harsh on content, but giving an honest opinion on what he does or does not like

[01:15:50] - Generational Generalizations

[01:18:25] - Life experience leads you to where you are

[01:20:40] - The limitation creates the insane drive to succeed

[01:22:35] - Hard Work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard