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#61 - Jordan Criss: Creating With A Purpose

In this conversation, we are building on small section Jordan had said during the podcast with Saint Ripley. The clip can be summed as creating with a purpose, or anything that can be consumed should make others think. We expand on this thought giving examples on content in TV shows and movies that have been done right to capture our attention.

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#58 - Saint Ripley: A Journey Told Through Music

Saint Ripley, a Chicago hip-hop artist, shares much of what shaped his music on this episode of Feeding Curiosity. With deep roots in multiple genres, he opens up about attending punk shows as a teenager, to his first exposure to hip-hop. On the rapper's first full-length album, Thoughts & Prayers, Saint Ripley shares emotions and stories that are not only a part of him but also a conduit in being a force of change in the world. First song on the new album releases 07/26/19

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