#55 - Jordan Criss: Dissecting the Muse

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Jordan Criss returns to the show! In this episode, we go deeper in trying to understand where Jordan's creativity has come from. On the surface, he's a creative writer if you sum up all of his interests from music, screenwriting, and storytelling. But there's a second competent at play performance, but the caveat here is that it has to be done authentically. Whether that be Jordan's own performance on stage or through the emotion, he's trying to convey in writing. This is just scratching the surface on exploring Jordan's creative process. With that, we close on thoughts on the season of Game of Thrones. We've been meaning to get this out of the way so here it is! This your first warning for spoilers if it is not well past us have to warn you about it...

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Check out Jordan’s recent article “What is Success”.

Show Notes:

[00:04:35] - Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein

[00:06:22] - Dissecting Jordan's Muse

[00:06:51] - Stop One: Writing Music

[00:08:20] - Music builds momentum at every stage.

[00:09:15] - Do you know the song before the lyrics or do you find the music first?

[00:10:35] - Spotify Tangent

[00:11:40] - Sabrina Claudio (Artist)

[00:14:20] - Jordan's Curated Music Lists

[00:15:00] - Shared playlists

[00:15:55] - Learning about someone through music

[00:16:48] - Billie Eillish

[00:18:30] - Being in a hyper-competitive environment (Local Rap)

[00:19:20] - Famine Mentality

[00:21:30] - Music is Accessible, but the Chase for Fame Narrows the field of vision

[00:22:35] - "I don't like pretending I'm some swagged out dude."

[00:23:15] - Jordan's First Performance

[00:24:20] - Hip-Hop/ Rap Club at Western

[00:26:40] - Three Rules for the Performance: Don't Mess Up Any Words, Don't Forget Any Words, and Be Hype

[00:28:00] - Performance Edits

[00:30:00] - The Amount of Required to Produce a Song is insane

[00:34:30] - Jordan's Fascination with Words and Performance

[00:40:00] - "An overnight Success takes about ten years."

[00:41:30] - People reaching out and giving feedback is mind blowing.

[00:42:53] - Motivating people to go for what they want to do.

[00:43:30] - Motivating Jordan to Read to more

[00:47:30] - The transition to screenwriting

[00:48:23] - Books to Learn How to Write: Art of Dramatic Writing, Anatomy of a Story, On Writing by Stephen King

[00:51:00] - Game of Thrones: The Final Season Flop