#54 - Joe Jackowski: Writing, Thesis Research, and Meaning

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Joe Jackowski is back on the show! This conversation can be seen as a continuation of the previous episode 53, as we are still exploring the topic of meaning. We start today's conversation articulating the importance of writing, and some of the tools we use to structure what we write. From there, we have a deeper dive into Joe's Thesis, which is broadly around meaning and then applying meaning-making in military veterans for his research. For this episode, we spend much of our time laying out the framework used to understand the process of meaning-making and why does it provide so much value to us.

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Show Notes:

[00:04:32] - Synchronization of Thinking Within in the Group

[00:06:28] - "What is Success" by Jordan Criss

[00:08:29] - Success pay themselves forward at some later time that you never

[00:09:47] - "A Path and Ripples" by Erich Wenzel

[00:10:27] - Editing what you write

[00:10:47] - Fill in the gaps in skill that an engineer are usually not known for

[00:15:17] - Joe uses writing to better articulate your when voicing your ideas.

[00:17:47] - Looking at who people like Michael Gervais and Peter Attia who are very articulate.

[00:22:22] - How do you know when something is done?

[00:23:00] - Once the outline feels whole then the piece can write itself limiting self doubt

[00:26:32] - Where is the story here and what is the journey?

[00:29:04] - Meaning research and how to unravel the facts.

[00:30:44] - How did you figure out where you wanted to go with your Thesis Research and then figuring out what direction to go after pick the area?

[00:31:45] - James Pennebaker - Language Analysis Tools

[00:34:09] - Generic You (Term) - Interesting Read: You Use "You" to Make Meaning Out of Misery

[00:36:17] - What does creating meaning improve quality of life?

[00:38:07] - Ernest Becker

[00:39:02] - Global Meaning

[00:40:57] - What is the through line of meaning and how does meaning help veterans?

[00:43:21] - The search for meaning is not an easy path

[00:43:51] - "Mankind common instinct has always held the world to be a theater for heroism." - Ernest Becker

[00:44:42] - Jean-Paul Sartre - Meaning is the byproduct of value and value is the consequence of acting on a choice

[00:46:17] - Meaning is the vehicle of hope

[00:49:27] - You have to be what you want to become

[00:51:25] - Inducing a pattern of behavior. Ex. When you have a gym routine you are then a person who goes to the gym.

[00:52:27] - Working out is a metaphor for the journey of life

[00:53:32] - Becoming a moral person is not easy

[00:56:30] - Pain uncovers your mental flaws. When we are comfortable we don't seek uncomfortable situations.

[00:57:47] - For the average middle class citizen, the world is comfortable and we need to look inward to work through your trauma.

[00:59:57] - Periods of Integration and Disintegration

[01:04:27] - We need an ebb and flow. Growth, crumbling and rebirth and repeat OR Think. Question. Synthesize

[01:05:17] - The Ghost in the Shell (1995 Version)

[01:07:56] - Death and Rebirth

[01:09:29] - We believe that to be in touch with your emotional side is at odds with the thinking side.