#42 - Rachel Thomas: The Collateral Damage of Addiction

In this episode, our guest is Rachel Thomas. Rachel shares her story about a former boyfriend named Tyler who became a heroin addict in high school had a downward spiral into homelessness and prison. Rachel shares how the story has evolved and dealt with it over the last ten years. Tyler was found by Chicago based photojournalist Chuck Jines who captured some of Tyler's (who went by the street name Shaggy) experiences during homelessness that fills in the gaps from what Rachel share with us. I highly recommended you check them out, but viewer discretion is advised.

Find Chuck Jines’ work: Against Doctor’s Orders and purchase a full version here.

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Show Notes:

[00:05:15] - Rachel's (aka Robert) Background

[00:09:04] - Where Rachel's Story Starts

[00:12:05] - Random phone call from Tyler who had emergency surgery.

[00:13:50] - Tyler makes the choice to continue and winds up homeless

[00:15:35] - Running into Tyler in Las Vegas years later.

[00:20:10] - Delusional in the Hospital

[00:22:42] - Why keep in contact?

[00:23:19] - Pulling on the heart strings.

[00:28:55] - Finding Relief

[00:30:53] - Contextualizing Rachel's Story to Others

[00:35:30] - What were his goals or dreams before the addiction?

[00:38:15] - Compartment Syndrome

[00:39:25] - How has Rachel dealt all of this?

[00:47:20] - Gravis Magazine - The Price of Addiction by Chuck Jines

[00:49:40] - What do you think about when homeless people ask for help?

[0056:30] - Jordan role in helping Rachel tell her story.

[01:03:00] - Context to Rachel's experience during high school, what Erich and Jordan's biggest problems were

[01:10:15] - Rachel's Journals

[01:18:47] - Rachel's Feelings towards the photographs

[01:24:35] - Trauma strengthens the emotional draw

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