#45 - Ben Kapolnek: Invisible Battles

“If you don’t confront your demons they go to the cellar of your soul and lift weights.”

Ben Kapolnek shares his unfiltered story in his ongoing struggle with anxiety, depression, and trauma. From early childhood up to now, he tries to paint a picture of what his thoughts look like. Ben's story is an emotional one and not only because he's one of my closest friends, but for every person like Ben there are countless others who share in this mental anguish. It is the hope that as we share more stories like this, we can begin a healing process for more and more people. For those, who have no way to understand what it's like to have an invisible battle raging in your head. As a way to work this muscle, when you pass someone on the street take a moment and reflect on the fact that they are battling something that you know nothing about.

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Show Notes:

[00:05:22] - What Ben is doing right now?

[00:06:37] - Tattoos and Music

[00:08:37] - Connecting to Lyrics

[00:11:22] - Support after a public figure passes away

[00:13:22] - Building empathy for mental illness

[00:14:37] - How long has Ben had anxiety and depression?

[00:15:22] - Living with his father was a trigger.

[00:17:22] - Where are you feeling?

[00:19:14] - "Its not physical scars, but I have both"

[00:22:32] - Always asking, "Am I good enough?"

[00:25:07] - The stigma around mental illness is changing.

[00:25:53] - Everyone is fighting their own battle.

[00:26:27] - "We all have masks"

[00:29:22] - Invisible Battles

[00:31:52] - Having a support group

[00:34:42] - Have you found anything that helps?

[00:35:42] - Medication is off the table

[00:39:22] - "What broke my heart was seeing my mother's reaction."

[00:41:41] - Controlling the inner voice

[00:44:22] - Developing compassion for yourself

[00:46:57] - Witnessing an averted suicide in 8th grade

[00:49:42] - Sometimes logic fails and your brain tells you to give up...

[00:51:22] - Anxiety in Relationships

[00:52:22] - Other ways to help - Medical Marijuana

[00:57:13] - Tough Mudder Experience

[00:59:32] - The Story So Far

[01:03:22] - Reach out to someone you're comfortable with

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