#44 - Dante Brooks and Jordan Criss: Cultural Chameleons

In this episode, Dante returns giving us an update on what has happened since the last time he was on the show. Dante has started his first semester back in school and is pursuing a degree in radiology and an acting class. On the other side, Dante has been looking inwards and been talking to a therapist. Dante shares his experiences with discrimination from both sides. Jordan also shares his thought on this tough subject. They both have to be cultural chameleons being able to morph in the representations of both the broader American culture and the African American cultural expectations.

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Show Notes:

[00:06:28] - Dante's School Experience

[00:07:11] - Intro to government class and other's opinions

[00:08:02] - Did Dante expect to go back to school?

[00:08:32] - Previous job conditions triggered the need for change

[00:10:22] - Sometimes you need to experience what you don't want to have push to change.

[00:11:22] - "I told myself that by the time these palm trees grow back; I will not work here anymore."

[00:11:47] - Does school feel different for Dante now?

[00:13:07] - "I don't have an option to fail. I have a family and kids, fear motivates me."

[00:16:52] - Organization is not sexy.

[00:17:52] - Ivy League Bribing Scandal

[00:19:57] - Would Dante Still go to the Marines first?

[00:22:15] - The Military allows you to experience different people.

[00:23:12] - Racism as a bias, not overt but due to upbringing. 

[00:26:07] - Black Live Matter - Then and Now

[00:28:02] - Dante grew up in Steeple Hill. While still the suburbs, expected section 8 which brought its issues and culture. What Dante's experienced.

[00:31:47] - Jordan's take on experiencing discrimination.

[00:35:32] - Generally speaking its a tense situation on both sides and it leaves both sides on edge.

[00:37:06] - Zootopia as a lesson on Race Relationships

[00:39:52] - When people are drive by fear....

[00:42:42]- Jamie Foxx on the Tim Ferriss Show

[00:43:35] - People want to be comfortable

[00:45:02] - Documentary on Detroit

[00:47:22] - The more we have tough discussions the more awareness we have of these biases that exist.

[00:50:02] - The positive side of social media: A shorter bridge to other cultures.

[00:51:37] - Another way to bridge the gap: Food

[00:57:20] - Sardinia Example

[00:55:59] - Jordan's Cereal Recipe: Frosted Mini Wheats and Strawberry Milk (for sure @ him.)

[00:58:52] - Dante's Diet Change

[01:01:52] - Monitoring Caffeine Intake

[01:06:07] - Sleep Science - Read Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. 

[01:07:37] - Wearables: Whoop and Oura Ring

[01:11:17] - Types of Caffeine

[01:12:32] - Dante's Acting Class Experience

[01:17:07] - Acting you have to be mentally strong

[01:20:09] - Has Dante considered Meditation or Mindfulness?

[01:23:23] - The stigma within the African American Community toward Therapy

[01:25:06] - "Don't Compare Traumas" - Jordan Criss

[01:26:22] - Gender stereo types pushed even farther within the African American community.

[01:26:53] - I Don't Want to Talk About It by Terrance Real

[01:28:42] - Discrimination within the African American Community: "You don't sound black," "You act white," ect.

[01:33:22] - Being an outcast for just existing.

[01:36:02] - "You must have had both your parents."

[01:39:22] - Burying your pain, fear and anger to belong.

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