#39 - Jordan Criss and Alex Ivy: Influence, Social Media, and Information

In this episode, we are joined by Jordan Criss and Alex Ivy. Jordan Criss is a Chicago Musician and Writer. Alex Ivy is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago for Fashion Business.. She has recently started an internship for a partnership agency called Shuffle Presents focusing on Fashion Events. In this wide-ranging conversation we discussion the role of social media, influencers and sourcing your information. Other topics include Liam Neeson Controversy, Jack Dorsey on JRE and more.

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Show Notes:

[00:07:38] - Alex Ivy Bio

[00:08:48] - Why Fashion Business?

[00:10:13] - Merging of Departments - Cal Fussman the wall between writing and Sales

[00:11:03] - Spotify acquires Anchor.FM and Gimlet Media

[00:13:08] - Changes in the Fashion World - Influencer Economy

[00:15:00] - Seasonal Trends in Fashion - Fast Fashion

[00:17:50] - Mass Manufacturing

[00:20:53] - Social Media and Getting Your Own Information

[00:23:48] - Why Alex does not use Social Media

[00:26:00] - SnapChat and Clickbait

[00:28:24] - You can sell anything!

[00:30:50] - Liam Neeson Discussion

[00:35:38] - Sam Harris’s Perspective on How Blood Feuds Start (JRE #1241)

[00:37:43] - Where is redemption?

[00:42:53] - When does prejudice start?

[00:47:53] - Influencer Responsibility

[00:51:23] - Jack Dorsey - CEO of Twitter on JRE (#1236)

[00:57:07] - How do you handle Stress?

[01:01:06] - Exercising Gratitude

[01:02:06] - High Performance Calm (Competetocreate.net)

[01:08:13] - Fantasy Books: Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, The Blade Itself Trilogy

[01:12:11] - The Usefulness of Audiobooks

[01:13:52] - Deleting Social Media and Limiting its Impact

[01:21:20] - Searching for Authenticity

Kevin Carol on Finding Mastery

Tim Ferriss on Jocko Podcast

[01:24:32] - I Don’t Want to Talk About It by Terrance Real

[01:31:08] - Dark Side of Working Out and Psychological Impact

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