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#73 - How to Train Your Mind: Personal Philosophy

"Your philosophy is the foundation to align your thoughts to who you are, not coupling them to what you do."

The purpose of doing deep work is to align your thoughts, words, and actions. By aligning those three components, it forms the bedrock of how you think. The story that you're telling yourself.

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#72 - Jordan Criss: The Joker and What It Tells Us About Society

Jordan Criss joins us for this conversation, which started with a discussion around The JOKER starring Joaquin Phoenix. We concluded the film is much more of a social commentary than only for entertainment purposes. Jordan gives clear analogies what he believes the film was trying to accomplish, and for him, it was an unsettling film because of how real it felt. From there, the conversation expanded into questions about our modern world with subjects of friendship, connection, communication, and mental health. We wrap up with a discussion on what we are working on at a personal level. Jordan's latest goal is to be more positive, which is facilitated by being as present as possible.

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