#64 - Work-Life Balance

In this week's episode, we are joined by Joe Jackowski, Mike Taccona, and Nick Buegel. Our topic of discussion was work-life balance. How do we manage what we do for a living while continuing pushing our boundaries or achieving fulfillment outside of work? In the world we live in, it can be easy to have a job that pulls too much energy from us so that we don't have enough left to pursue other goals.

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Topics we cover:

  • Working out and Keeping A Relationship with the Unforgiving

  • Dealing with setbacks

  • Analyzing Habits and routines

  • Nursing and Military Overlap

  • Mike's reset before entering Nursing

  • Mindfulness: Cultivating the Space between Stimulus and Response

  • The middle ground between arrogance and not recognizing your worth

  • Checking your expectations and doing your best at the moment

Show Notes:

[00:05:35] - Joined by Joe Jackowski, Mike Taccona and Nick Buegel

[00:05:56] - How do you balance life and work?

[00:06:26] - Joe's work

[00:07:41] - Joe's summer landscaping for Dr. Fretz

[00:08:31] - Death Ramp

[00:10:10] - When does Joe get his thinking done? Did the landscaping help you get out of your head?

[00:10:41] - Why Joe misses the military?

[00:12:01] - Eric Wienstein - A Relationship with the Unforgiving

[00:13:06] - Mike's training for the marathon. No matter how good you are, it will still suck.

[00:13:41] - Erich's view of what working out has changed how he deals with stress

[00:14:11] - Getting out of your head and into your body

[00:14:41] - Being mindful to avoid injury.

[00:15:01] - How do you deal with setbacks?

[00:15:11] - Mike - how to deal with setbacks as a nurse?

[00:16:21] - You have to be able to prioritize your tasks

[00:18:11] - How Mike has become more disciplined?

[00:19:21] - Mike needs a focus for his energy

[00:19:51] - Mike need a reset before nursing

[00:21:11] - Some would judge Mike's reset as a failure

[00:22:21] - Analyze your habits quarterly to take stock of what habits are beneficial or not.

[00:23:16] - "If this is my rock bottom the only way I can go is up." - Mike Taccona

[00:24:41] - Your mindset can change and direct yourself to be in service of others

[00:25:21] - Why Joe liked the military was that it is imbued with purpose

[00:26:11] - The irony is that I lost purpose while in the military

[00:26:56] - Joe had noticed that qualities that people would come to others him for direction guidance.

[00:28:01] - If I can do these things that others struggle with, then it is my responsibility to do it.

[00:29:11] - Joe became disenfranchised by inept or malicious leadership while in the military.

[00:29:31] - Eric Herrera's podcast and poor leadership in the foreman example

[00:31:11] - Knowing your worth

[00:31:31] - People high in agreeableness are more likely to be resentful. Assertiveness training

[00:33:11] - Anyone who feels any moral pang they should stand up for what they believe in.

[00:35:56] - Group like ANTIFA are collections of people who have become resentful by not standing.

[00:36:41] - You don't have to make a grandstand and still respectfully disagree.

[00:38:11] - Mindfulness in the workplace. Mindfulness allows you to digest information without immediately reacting.

[00:39:11] - The space between stimulus and response - Viktor Frankl (Interesting Read) - Man’s Search For Meaning

[00:39:21] - Erich's story dealing a coworker and dealing emotional response

[00:43:21] - How did Erich know to respond in that way?

[00:43:56] - Erich has been trying to cultivate mindfulness for a long time. Practicing in an elevated state (shower, while driving, etc.) seems to help transition mindfulness into a tool

[00:45:11] - How Mike sees mindful moments

[00:47:01] - Attention is the most valuable resource outside of time.

[00:47:31] - Multitasking is not a skill and does is an effective way to be productive.

[00:48:21] - Nick pushes back on our thoughts that multitasking does exist. Everyday things you can "multitask."

[00:49:56] - Joe explains the neuropsychology of routines and tasks - think to tie your shoes or to open a beer.

[00:51:41] - MacGyvor method

[00:53:01] - Doing a physical activity while listening to a podcast can help you retain information

[00:54:01] - Looking back on at Tribal humans.

[00:55:01] - Learning was never meant to still activity

[00:56:11] - Reading should be a creative process. See the book like a movie in your head.

[00:57:11] - Mike was more about the outside perception of knowing how to read

[00:58:41] - Erich never enjoyed the performance and didn't like the spotlight.

[01:00:11] - Nonfiction should be read with the intent to explain it to others.

[01:00:41] - Note-taking process for reading nonfiction

[01:02:41] - What does Erich picture when he's trying to remember what he's read?

[01:03:11] - Todd Myrick's thoughts on reading - Anything read has a chapter or paragraph that you have to write or add to it.

[01:04:11] - Do you have the same experience of being to learn from abstract topics like physics?

[01:04:41] - Erich has been able to break down complex topics and explain to a broader audience.

[01:05:21] - Being able to tell yourself that you're good at something

[01:05:41] - Mike and learning the guitar

[01:06:41] - "You have to have a realistic perspective of what you can do. If you are good at something, then it is a statement of fact, not an arrogant statement."

[01:07:31] - Danger of arrogance and not recognizing your potential. The middle ground is what to strive for.

[01:10:06] - Rolling the conversation back into setbacks and failure.

[01:10:41] - Mike wanted to be the best IV starter

[01:11:41] - "Breath. Even the best make mistakes. Even the best can't do it 100% of the time. I'm going to take the next opportunity to do my best."

[01:12:11] - Mistakes or setbacks act as checks and balance when you've become too routinized

[01:14:21] - The Meditations and Tao Te Ching: Both have a distrust of expectation

[01:15:11] - Walking in to start an IV but checking his expectation, he doesn't break his focus.

[01:17:01] - The Science of Winning Whoop Podcast

[01:17:11] - Performance is a choice

[01:18:11] - Being your best every day is your choice and its up to you if you're going to show up at that moment.

[01:20:11] - Do your best job possible