#41 - Sports Talk: Basketball

In this episode, Erich Wenzel and Jordan Criss are joined by Jorge Martinez. We open the podcast to a new form of discussion that we haven't touched on much Sports and for this episode Basketball. While Erich is not a nuanced fan of sports in general, he does have a deep interest in the mindset of what it takes to become a top athlete which is what drives this conversation for him. Jordan and Jorge provided the detail information to paint the picture. Naturally, the conversation turns to try to compare Michael Jordan and Lebron James. Finally, we think about what’s coming down the lane for basketball.

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Show Notes:

[00:04:33] - Jorge Martinez Introduction and why we are talking sports

[00:05:21] - Mindset of the Elite Athlete

[00:05:42] - UFC Warm Up / Tangent

[00:13:57] - How Jordan became a fan of Basketball

[00:20:42] - Jorge's Basketball Background

[00:27:12] - Jorge’s Recommended Basketball Books

[00:32:34] - Steve Kerr on Finding Mastery

[00:33:32] - Gold State Warriors

[00:36:04] - Kobe's Last Game

[00:38:09] - Russell Westbrook

[00:39:12] - Recognizing Talent

[00:41:52] - Intro to Lebron Discussion

[00:45:59] - Derrick Rose and High Hopes

[00:47:37] - Bulls Triple Overtime

[00:53:14] - Wilt Chamberlain Era of Basketball

[00:57:59] - Enter Michael Jordan

[01:03:03] - In such a physical era what traits would be most important?

[01:04:32] - If you transplant Jordan or Lebron to different Eras

[01:08:07] - What is Hand Checking?

[01:12:12] - Michael Jordan Trash Talking

[01:16:17] - Analogy for comparing Lebron and Michael Jordan

[01:18:24] - The Tim Ferriss Show: Lebron James and Mike Mancias

[01:20:29] - What it takes to be great?

[01:25:27] - The Arms Race within the NBA

[01:28:45] - Icarus (Film)

[01:34:32] - Wrapping Up

[01:38:27] - Apollo Ohno on The Drive

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