#8 - Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy is a weekly round-up of reading, listening, or watching that is worth your time. These posts will act as the foundation of mental meandering across all domains!

Worth Listening

Kendrick Lamar: DAMN - Dissect

Enter Jordan Criss for this podcast recommendation:

Recently, I came across a Spotify Studios podcast: Dissect. In Dissect, Cole Cuchna and his team do a complete nose dive into various albums - of the hip-hop variety - taking the listener from the shallows, down to the deep trenches of the artist's thoughts and motivations. The episode I happened to start on, was episode one of season 5. Here, Cuchna sets the foundation of what should be a miraculous and highly informative tour of Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer-Prize winning album, “DAMN.” Circling back to Kendrick’s early life in the harsh realities of Compton, Dissect aims to paint the most eloquent of portraits, to allow the viewer to grasp the respective album in its entirety truly.

The anticipation for the forthcoming episodes (and future seasons) is at a boiling point, and this is a must-listen for music lovers and enthusiasts of all paths.

Worth Reading

The Story of Us (On Going Series)

"So when it comes to beliefs, the Primitive Mind doesn’t want truth, it wants confirmation—of your existing beliefs.

So where does this inner conflict leave all of us? As fucking crazy people." - From Chapter 7 - The Thinking Ladder

Not only is this series, but every post on Wait But Why is well worth the read. Tim Urban is a unique thinker and goes to great length explaining complex subjects and topics with a certain level of clarity that allows to reader to build a framework of knowledge at no matter what level you are coming to the subject. In this particular series, Erich has already found himself implementing some of the structures shown when it comes to how people act when it pertains to The Higher Mind and Primitive Mind as the lens in which to view a person.

How We Learn and Forget While Sleeping

"Slow oscillations seem to be protecting new patterns of neural firing after learning, while delta waves tend to erase them and promote forgetting," says Ganguly.

“Sleep is truly driving profound changes in the brain,” says Ganguly.

Sleep research is an area we are heavily interested in. One of the books we point to most often is Why We Sleep By Matthew Walker. With more research coming into this space, we are finding out how essential sleep is for performance. The old paradigm is gone. The technology is finally able to give clear evidence of what is happening in the brain. We are pointing this out because we have much culture unlearn about how to get sufficient sleep.

Worth Watching

Why Music has such Profound Effects on the Brain

"So both musicians and music researchers know that we don't see the rhythm, we feel the beat. The parts of our brain that are engaged in beat processing are the same parts of our brain that are engaged in motor planning and motor actions, right." - Indre Viskontas

On the podcast, we talk about music as a lens into creativity often. This video gives us more language as to why music can have such a profound impact on us. We are not only listening to the music, but it also is affecting the body as well.


Finding Mastery LIVE with Dr. Michael Gervais & Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks Head Coach

Erich was able to attend this live podcast for a training event with Compete to Create, of which Michael Gervais and Pete Carroll are co-founders. This podcast was a fantastic conversation. What Erich has learned with Compete to Create is helping to shape the kind of content that is shared on this platform. Please check out this week's podcast: #68 - How to Train Your Mind: Mindfulness

This week is a wrap and plenty to chew over for this week! Feel free to let us know any thoughts and suggestions that may contribute to these posts. It may pop-up on Feeding Frenzy or develop into a full-fledged post of its own.

Stay Curious, and have a great week!

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