#68 - How to Train Your Mind: Mindfulness

During the day, all your doing is reacting, all the time. So your just giving yourself a vacuum to process that stuff and see what’s actually coming up.
— Nick Buegel

Nick Buegel and Erich have a conversation about training the mind. In this episode, we go deep on how to train mindfulness. Mindfulness can be interchanged with meditation, but we specifically use the word mindfulness to make it a skill-based practice. We try our best to get very practical from our own lives on how we have used mindfulness. We want to make mindfulness as accessible to as broad an audience as possible.

Over the weekend, Erich attended a live training event with Compete to Create. He previously completed the online version of the course called Finding Your Best. What we have spoken of here is directly related to the information he has been exposed to over the last six months. If you want to meet the coaches, he has been able to interact by listening to our episode with Nicole Davis - 2X Olympian for Indoor Volleyball.

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Be Where Your Feet Are

Show Notes:

[00:04:27] - Compete to Create - Mindset Training in Person

[00:04:49] - Mindset Coach Nicole Davis - 2X

[00:04:59] - Finding Your Best

[00:05:29] - Finding Mastery Live: Michael Gervais and Pete Carroll

[00:06:39] - Does Nick train his mind?

[00:07:09] - Addressing the stories Nick has told himself and question them

[00:08:24] - Reacting in a moment and you have the ability to take a breath

[00:09:09] - Can you control your moment to moment response?

[00:10:09] - Activation vs Performance

[00:11:29] - The goal of training your mind is to bring awareness to how you feel in the moment and guide yourself to perform better

[00:12:14] - What does it mean to be a high performer?

[00:12:29] - People who have a disconnect from what they say and do

[00:13:19] - Get clear on what you think, what you say and what you do 

[00:14:19] - Nick didn't focus on mental discipline, but rather removed the stressor from his life.

[00:16:09] - Being able to recognize how a stimulus affects you

[00:16:29] - Putting space between the stimulus and the response

[00:17:09] - There's going to be days that go sideways, and you'll take out on someone that didn't deserve it.

[00:18:39] - Moving, eating, sleeping and thinking well.

[00:19:39] - Getting out of the mind and into the body or get out of the body and into the mind

[00:19:59] - "Be where your feet are"

[00:20:29] - Why we use the word mindfulness

[00:21:29] - Why Nick became interested in meditation

[00:22:39] - Science behind meditation and mindfulness

[00:23:49] - Two types of mindfulness: Single-Point and Contemplative

[00:24:39] - Nick's experience with a meditation group

[00:25:54] - Meditating alone for the first time

[00:27:19] - Nick looks at common thoughts that are deeper than the routine thoughts

[00:28:24] - Making mindfulness accessible to more people

[00:29:19] - Mindfulness gives you a vacuum to give yourself a space to process what you've been reacting to all day.

[00:29:59] - Nick asks himself what am I doing with my life. 

[00:30:59] - Mindfulness has had this huge upswing in 2007 and 2008.

[00:31:49] - Over stimulated in our day to day lives. Step one is to turn off 90% of your notifications

[00:32:19] - Reorganize your phone and make it grayscale

[00:33:09] - Cultivating the ability to be present and what the podcast allows for

[00:34:39] - Parents not paying attention to kids as an example

[00:35:24] - You have to do the work in stressful environments

[00:35:39] - How does Nick apply this in his day to day life?

[00:37:29] - Working the atrium at work - open space with babbling brooke

[00:38:09] - Less mental claustrophobia

[00:38:24] - There is no finish line, there is always room to keep improving

[00:39:29] - Nick is working on getting less frustrated while driving

[00:41:09] - What happened on the way to the podcast today

[00:41:59] - The Community (TV Show)

[00:42:09] - Valuing empathy

[00:42:49] - Gauging progress is difficult until you reflect that you respond differently than you normally would have.

[00:43:14] - The progress in mindfulness is similar in the way weightlifting makes your body stronger

[00:43:49] - How do you take mindfulness from a comfortable environment and then apply it when you at an 11

[00:44:34] - How Erich would try to apply this in different situations?

[00:45:09] - If you don't have time try to add in deep breaths throughout your day

[00:45:59] - Altered Traits: : Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body

[00:46:19] - Time practicing is between 8 - 20 minutes with the optimal at about 12 minutes per day

[00:47:09] - The new granularity is taking 100 mindful breaths equivalent to whole minutes of practice

[00:48:09] - Mindfulness increases creativity

[00:48:54] - The idea of fighting fire with fire, but it is used as retaliation. But it was originally done as preemptive work to prevent fires from spreading. 

[00:50:09] - Erich's experience flying and applying mindfulness

[00:52:39] - Looking out the plane window and having a new perspective of humanity

[00:54:39] - Beyond the Curve

[00:55:09] - We all have a Dunning Kruger Effect

[00:56:39] - If you're antsy, fidgety, or turned off by the name, change it. 

[00:57:09] - Stacking habits: After I shower, I'll practice mindfulness

[00:57:47] - 10% Happier by Dan Harris

[00:58:09] - Apps to try: Headspace, Calm, 10% Happier, Waking Up

[00:59:09] - Mindfulness doesn't have to be productive for everyone

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